About Me

I have a BA (hons) in Integrative Counselling and am a member of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists (BACP). In addition I have a foundation level in Systemic Practice which enables me to offer Family Support. I have also had training in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behaviour Therapy.

When I began my private Counselling practice I was working in a school where the pupils had a diverse range of physical and mental health issues which meant overcoming many barriers so they could access support. I now work in a mental health service which has its own different challenges, all of which has broadened my experience further.

I am bound by the BACP’s ethical guidelines (which you can view here.) My training has been in Integrative practice and I use a variety of different theoretical models to suit the client. Good therapy though relies on a good relationship between the client and the Counsellor. This is the heart of therapeutic work and without it success can be limited.


I try to offer a safe, reassuring, empathic and confidential space in which the client can explore their difficulties at their own pace.The role of the counsellor is to listen to and warmly receive the client on equal terms without judgement.

My ultimate aim is to enable and empower the client to work through, understand and resolve their problems. Hopefully making longer term positive choices and changes in the process.

How It Works

Clients can contact me for an initial assessment session which lasts for an hour.

If we are both agreed we will contract to a further 6 hourly sessions. A review will take place at session 4 (earlier if the client wishes) A decision then as to whether more sessions are needed  or to finish, will be made together by both the client and myself.At all times I respect the client’s wishes.

The client is free however, to end the sessions at any time if they feel that this is not for them. A short period of one week’s notice is required.

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